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I know, I know: I need to post pictures of our trip. But between the re-entry into the chaos of three kids, the jetlag, a parent day at Emmie’s school, a book club night and Josh mis-booking his flight so he didn’t get home until 10 p.m. Friday, I am just plum tuckered out. (Apparently, I also moved to the South while I was gone. Who says tuckered? Bad fictional characters, that’s who.)

But the overwhelming reason I can’t pull together a freaking photo post is, ironically, because of photos. Specifically, our family photos. You see, we haven’t always been big on the organization of our digital photos. Hodgepodge naming conventions, random storage spots on different hard drives and the culling of 10,000-plus images had me putting it off for “someday.” As in someday, I will take a week of uninterrupted time and organize it all according to year with subfolders dedicated to each month of specific years. (Yes, I know Macs do all that for you, but we’re not Mac people, so I am stuck.)

If you are a fan of a certain huge online coupon site, you might have seen they offered a great deal on photo books a few months back. I got my hands on a few of the coupons and figured it would be an awesome way to finally get some photo albums compiled.

Earlier this year, Josh at least took all the photos and grouped them by year. That was a nice start. I told him that while he was spending the weekend recovering from his vasectomy (you know, the one I live-blogged), he could organize them by month and edit the 279 shots we have of Jack’s first bath down to maybe one or two pictures. And he agreed! Except then his dad needed a new cell phone and Josh offered to give him one of his old ones and he spent all weekend trying to make it work. So it became my job again.

And then I realized the coupon expires this Monday. I finally got off my ass and started archiving the pictures by month on the plane on the way home from Hawaii. I started making the first album yesterday, but lost two hours of work after the damn site froze and I hadn’t saved my work. Four hours later, I had 2006 done. I’ve only got three more to go. I fear for my sanity.

But at least it’s not as boring as it sounds. I get to stare at pictures of my babies all day. And oh, they were so little! Jack with his little pursed lips and wrinkled forehead, Emmie with her chubby, chubby cheeks. I forgot they haven’t always been almost 5 and almost 3. I forgot how teeny tiny they were. I forgot how fat my face was after birthing them.

Next week, I hope to return with some sort of drivel to interest you. But let’s be honest, it’ll probably be some lists of things I am thankful for and pictures of the kids’ turkey projects from school. To lure you back, however, I promise to post some pictures and a story about the heated argument Josh and I had over the use of Yelp to determine the best Hawaiian shave ice spot.

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  1. Amy
    21/11/2010 at 11:53 am Permalink

    I awaiting the next post breathlessly! I love SnarkyMommy and the SnarkyFAM!